Dansk Bomuldskompagni was founded by Oliver Harald Nielsen back in 2013. The name was a rebranding of a name his mother had previously used when she worked as a tailor in the 80s and 90s. Dansk Bomuldskompagni was created when Oliver himself ran a multi-brand store and needed more unique products with a strong focus on the environment, quality and comfort.

Oliver succeeded in developing a collection in collaboration with his mother, who was the daughter of a skilled tailor. The collection was created from the best certified cotton qualities, with great focus on making everything from scratch. A thought which is also the foundation stone behind the creation of the collections, to this day.

The majority of the prints are designed from scratch and with each collection approx. 2 items by external artists. For example, the latest collections have had shirts where the print is with hand-painted watercolor motifs. In other words, nothing is accidental.

Back in 2013, there was a lot of interest in the innovative collection. Including from a number of shops. The family jointly chose to meet the then stores' demand for Dansk Bomuldskompagni. However, it was in the middle of the financial crisis and the high demand meant that a large amount of capital had to be added to the company. The banks wanted astronomical interest rates and the investors wanted large ownership stakes. This, the founders feared, would damage the very thoughts behind the concept, namely to choose only the best and create something unique. They therefore rejected the offers from outside.

Therefore, they chose instead to brand the products through Oliver's own store. As well as through a few selected retailers in Europe. Sales went smoothly for 9 years, until Olivers Butik was hit by bankruptcy. This meant closing the shop. Oliver's mother then chose to continue the brand online.

Dansk Bomuldskompagni uses some of the most certified factories in the world. Mainly located in Italy, Turkey, Portugal, Poland and China. At Dansk Bomuldskompagni, work is not just with the factories, but with the families and people behind them. At Dansk Bomuldskompagni, the people behind, among other things, strive to create a major development in the use of recycled materials. Why, for example, a large part of the polyester that is used is re-used (old plastic bottles). The cotton is certified and the brand constantly trims their production so that it has as little waste as possible.

The transport used is through Danish suppliers who are innovative in terms of the environment and working conditions.

A cotton plant is not just a cotton plant. When you harvest the plant there are different lengths of fibers. At Dansk Bomuldskompagni, you always buy the longest fibers. This radically extends the life of the product. It is important that the consumer uses the clothes for as long as possible to limit waste.

Furthermore, there is a focus on everything in the process, both from the material used for hang-tags to the material Dansk Bomuldskompagni uses for washing instructions. All Care labels are in Re-used cotton, as this is better for the environment.